Your one-stop platform for registering & issuing smart contract loans

The ChargeCheck Register creates impenetrable contracts for each registered provision, ensuring total control for each Lender. Reminders are sent to both Borrower and Lender during the term of the provision and Lenders are notified if Borrowers seek loans elsewhere.

CC Registry

  • Receive notifications if a borrower applies for loans elsewhere and have your say, putting you in control.
  • Collate and store all of your finance agreements and associated documents in one inpenetrably secure area.
  • Automatically create a smart contract for each financial provision, agreed by both parties, so that the agreement is secure and the associated documentation becomes secondary evidence.
  • Monitor all of your financial provisions across an organisation, or department, on your private dashboard. Access your associated documents simply and quickly.
  • Both parties receive automatic reminders during the term of each provision so that deadlines are not missed and provisions are repaid on time.