Track your own or a borrower's wealth in realtime

Our innovative A&L software is available to personal users as an app.

Borrower wealth tracking is available to Enterprise and Expert users.

CC A&L Dashboard

  • A Dynamic Asset & Liability Statement that provides verified, valued and live analysis on an individual’s net worth.
  • The ChargeCheck Asset & Liability System allows individuals to truly understand their net worth and track it in real time. Drawing on multiple data sources the CC A&L System is able to verify, value and monitor an individual’s net worth in real time, sending notifications in the event of movement set within your parameters – a dynamic A&L Statement that provides clear, true and up-to-date information.
  • As a tool for due diligence, the A&L Dashboard allows lenders, lawyers and others, to analyse an individual’s financial strength according to their needs, to ascertain current and future LTV ratios and to be notified in the event of significant changes during the course of a loan, will, marriage etc.

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